• Sex is a Powerful Exchange of Energy

    Goddess Queens,   Repeat after me: We are the Most Powerful Creatures on the planet! We are the creators of life and without our existence there would be no human existence.    We are true Goddesses and we reign supreme! Once we grasp this knowledge and allow it to become part our very essence, we will be a force to be reckon with. I want to...
  • Use these 5 🗝tips to start clearing the path for manifestions

       🗝1. Clear your thoughts and energy- make space for your manifestions by clearing the way through your thoughts. Your thoughts are the key to manifesting what you want. Once you are able to have full control of your thoughts and stay clear of the negative thoughts and negative energy you will be able to see the results. You can take care of the negative...
  • Connect with the RIGHT Person(dating application included)

      Does it sometimes feel like you’re not on the same page when dating? One reason is most people do not ask the right questions from the very start. Looking at my past experiences and the experiences of others, we can get so lost in the physical appearance or attraction that we somehow forget the important things. We don’t ask what a person is...
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