5 Things that will help build your Self Confidence

1. Have a daily plan of action- plan out your day in the beginning of the process because you will need structure and tools to make sure you have a game plan. You need a plan in place to build yourself up and change old habits. Find something that feels good to you to do in the mornings as soon as you wake up. If quite time with coffee and reading something positive is your good feeling place then do that. Try going to bed planning out your day that's ahead of you expecting it to be great. Mark it on your calendar if needed so that you are held accountable. Have your daily plan and stick to it.
Below is an example of how I start my day ⬇️
5:30am- wake up and visualize
5:45am- deep stretches and focused breathing
6:05am- speak my "I AM" affirmations  it allows me to speak using the most powerful confidence statement ever. When I state "I AM" with confidence and feeling, I Am actually speaking those things that are not right now a reality into my existence. Can you see the power behind this? Speak the new confident version of you over your life and watch it unfold! 😄
Examples of My "I AM" affirmations are below ⬇️
I Am powerful, I Am love, I Am healthy and happy, I Am a badass at making money, I Am learning new things daily, I Am getting really good at understanding who I Am, I Am showing other women how to manifest using their orgasmic energy. I live an Orgasmic Lifestyle.
2. Plan to exit all Social Media -if you know that social media is a big distraction for you then plan to exit from it for atleast for a  month or two, unless it's business related. Social media tends to have enough negative stuff coming through its news feed daily, which is not needed when working on your self and building your self esteem. I recommend this because i'm not just saying stay away from negative people on social media but sometimes we tend to do things that are not good for ourself. It's easy to look for people such as an ex or pictures of the your ex's new lover, both have the potential to make you sad or angry. These emotions are not the best emotions to be feeling when you are trying to build yourself back up. You want to feel the emotions of sad, mad, angry or upset as less as possible. Find inspirational things to listen to or watch that will keep your mind occupied and simulated so that you are not easely distracted by social media. I know that social media can be somewhat addictive and this is temporary but also needed. 
3. Pay attention to your thoughts -Try to become aware of what you are thinking about throughout the day. When you catch a negative thought trying to control your thoughts consciously say "oh I recognize this old thought pattern and it does not serve me with any good intentions so I much rather think about ...." Do this throughout the day because you are forming a new habit, and becoming even more conscious and in control of your thoughts 😀.
4. Focus on your fabulous qualities-  Make a gratitude list about things you are proud of yourself for. Focus on the list, smile and be proud (you deserve to hear you tell yourself how great You really are). You are now putting your attention on you and admiring the person you are. You are becoming your own biggest fan. Speak new qualities that you want over your life.
See examples of my gratitude list below:⬇️
I Am so grateful that I have a sense of style. I Am so grateful that I embrace change, I Am grateful that I get to help other women find their Power. I Am so grateful to have manifested my passion and now i'm mastering my gift. I Am grateful that I Am living a life of pleasure, passion, & endless possibilities!
5. Always check your energy/attitude - make sure you are feeling peaceful and thinking good feeling thoughts about yourself and others- if you find yourself feeling bothered about something take a few minutes to check in with yourself to get understanding. Allow yourself to feel into the feeling and give yourself time to understand what has cased this feeling. DO NOT just brush them off with "I don't know why I'm feeling like this". It's your job to dig deeper and find out why! This is very powerful self esteem routine bc now you are getting to know you by asking yourself questions on why you feel the way you are feeling. Can't ask someone else to get to know you if you don't first know yourself.
Example: say "Shonda(insert your name)why are we feeling sad right now?" Feel into the sadness and allow time for the answer to surface from within. Once you know what has caused the emotion to surface you start to get clarity on your feelings and not just allowing them to be on auto pilot. You can  start to control your emotions rather than your emotions controlling you.
❤~Remember: Always try to stop the negative thoughts in their tracks no matter what they are, waste no time on those thoughts...you are reclaiming your mind and reclaiming your time!
❤~ Do Not get side tracked with non important stuff, like social media or anything that will take your focus off of YOU! This is time for SELF and becoming an upgraded version of you full of confidence!
❤~Enjoy the journey, loving and getting to know you should be a fun and a life changing experience.
❤~ When you visualize you can take small steps that can be as simple as you seeing your whole day all planned out or you can visualize bigger with your future goals, both are great!
❤~Focus on seeing your vision for your life so clear that the universe sees it and knows it too...
Thank you and I hope this information was helpful for you. Make sure you share this with others that may also need a boost in their confidence.
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