8 - Things to do to Stay positive and focused

1. Look for things to do outside of work and kids - Check out local meet up groups that are doing things that you like or been wanting to try. There are tons of groups and social meetups like salsa dancing, cooking, doggie outing days, also groups that include kid things if you want to include the kids but you name it there's  probably a group already made. Find things to keep you busy and life flowing. Again, that's meet up dot com.
2. Make a promise to yourself - after committing to your decision to work on you, make a  promise to yourself that anytime a negative thought comes up that you will not fall victim to it but you will stand and fight back with power. Make out some powerful mantras that has a strong meaning to you. You will be prepared to say your mantra with meaning and power whenever faced with negative thoughts(it's going to happen but being prepared is the key). That does not mean loud and aggressive it just means with intention and a knowing. Remember this mantra should already be well thought out and ready for any emergency situation when negative thoughts are trying to consume you.
3. Truly get to know yourself - by asking questions and expecting/looking for answers. When a negative thought or feeling like rejection comes you ask what does rejection mean or any negative word, what does it mean to me? Dig deep to get understanding to why you feel it and how you can let it go. If you had a friend that was feeling hurt you would ask them why they feel hurt and expect an answer, right? This is how you Speak to yourself with the same expectation. It may take some time in the beginning because you have to really allow yourself to feel into the hurt and allow the thoughts or words to surface. You are trying something new so you must get use to asking questions and learning to have patience as you wait for an answer.
4. Learn how to meditate- this is learning to control your mind from all the chatter and be open to the many different levels of inspiration waiting to reveal itself to you. You will be surprised how different you feel once you are able to clear your mind of chatter. This does not happen over night but being willing to take the time to sit quietly you will eventually notice the difference. 
5. Yoga poses- pick a few yoga poses that feel good to you and do those daily to keep your energy flowing. It does not have to be you doing all yoga poses for this. You can choose 3 or 4 of your favorite yoga poses and do those. Doing simple stretches to keep your energy flowing is good also. This can be done early in the morning to start your day or at night to end your day, do what feels good to you.
6. Work on your chakra energy - Chakras are the centers in our bodies in which energy flows through. There are 7 of them- Root chakra, Sacral Chakra,  Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra,  Third Eye Chakra, and the Crown chakra. Pick one charaka and work on it for a week then another one until you have worked on all of them. Work on them meaning there are things that we can do that open those areas up and keep the energy flowing(which you want them open never closed) like different foods, colors, yoga poses, etc that you can do to move the energy around and open these areas up. If this is completely new to you, reach out to me for more info.
7. Bless your HomeClean your house with music, dancing and cleaning you can even sip on glass of wine(optional). As you do this practice you can state affirmations that feel good because now the energy is really moving and alive in you and the atmosphere. Ex) I feel the love in my home, I feel the health and well being in my home. Anyone that enters my home will feel peace and joy. My home is blessed with manifesting power. Just began to feel into it and your words will flow. You are blessing your home and the energy in your home.
8. Look for ways to make your day a lil sweeter - If there is time to do anything that you love to do, do it because that makes your day that much better. To end the day doing something that you really enjoy is ending the day with a bang. It could be as simple as stopping by the pond to sit for a moment and allow the ducks to remind you how graceful life really is, as you enjoy it right there in the moment. It could be going by to see your favorite family member or friend that makes you laugh so hard that you just want to go get that "my belly hurt", "stop you are making laugh so hard my cheeks hurt", "I sure needed that good laugh" if that's what would make your day even sweeter, go do it! Life should be fun however we can make it fun is our own unique way.
Thank you and I hope this information was helpful for you. Make sure you share this with others that may also need a boost in their confidence.
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