Sex is a Powerful Exchange of Energy

Goddess Queens,
Repeat after me: We are the Most Powerful Creatures on the planet! We are the creators of life and without our existence there would be no human existence. 
We are true Goddesses and we reign supreme! Once we grasp this knowledge and allow it to become part our very essence, we will be a force to be reckon with. I want to empower as many women as I can to know their true power. 
We hold a power so powerful within that once we release it we can manifest everything we desire. We have super powers Goddesses! We can truly BE, DO, and HAVE Everything we want!
When we invite someone unqualified to enter inside of our sacred goddess space and explore the world through us, we become very vulnerable and looked at as the weaker one.
That's why it's super important to make sure your choice of being is qualified and mature enough for such a powerful exchange of InnerG. We're the one that allows him to enter IN us and we take on his InnerG and become attached, most of the time the moment he enters our being. 
That's why if he is not mature or doesn't have some level of spiritual consciousness he won't understand what took place and he will brush it off as just sex, when we view it as a spiritual connection. 
Many of us have been hurt by this exchange of InnerG because we allowed the wrong person to enjoy the pleasures of our sacred goddess space. No more giving our power away  Goddesses! We reign supreme, we got the power!
Once you learn how powerful you really are and how sacred your Goddess space is you will become very specific on who you allow in.
Your sacred goddess space is sacred because it's always been a great mystery to men. They crave to enter our sacred Goddess space. Even if you were nice and allowed him into your alone time as you enter into estacy at levels he can't understand. He would be blown away!
This is a place of ecstasy that most men have never experienced at this level before. Most men have never experienced that part of a woman because she has not open fully enough or doesn't fully trust him.
If there are trust issues or past hurt she will only allow him to experience some of her but if she were to fully open and relax and allow him into that place of ecstasy connecting with him on that level would blow his mind! 
That place is the sacred place that only a few men have entered. If only men knew what they were truly missing they would change their position and allow a woman to blossom in her fullness and be the true Goddess she is meant to be.
If a woman really knew the power she held within she would never allow another unqualified being into her sacred Goddess space. The levels of ecstasy that could be experienced are powerful but many women have experienced this in their alone goddess time but have yet to experience this with a partner.
Who really wants to just experience the tip of the iceberg when our sacred goddess space has hidden secrets that when explored with the right one would bring higher levels of ecstasy to all parties involved. Manifestations & transformation at it's best!
So Goddess Queens guard your sacred Goddess space like your life depends on it because it does! 
Thank you and I hope this information was helpful for you. Make sure you share this with others that may also need a boost in their confidence.
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