Use these 5 🗝tips to start clearing the path for manifestions

🗝1. Clear your thoughts and energy- make space for your manifestions by clearing the way through your thoughts. Your thoughts are the key to manifesting what you want. Once you are able to have full control of your thoughts and stay clear of the negative thoughts and negative energy you will be able to see the results.
You can take care of the negative thoughts and negative energy in one shot. Your thoughts determine your energy. If you are constantly in a bad mood or thinking negative about something that causes your energy to be negative and you start to manifest things that you do not want.
In this process you are releasing negative disbelief about yourself and things that you want(your thoughts tell you that you can't have that because...). Your job is to really dissect what your blocks are that are stopping the manifesting process. If you hear a negative thought that is old but familiar that is what you need to look at. Where did this belief stem from? Who told you this? Is this true or have you been believing a lie all these years?
This is an ongoing process of understanding what your thoughts have caused you to believe and making conscious decision to replace it with a positive thought that coincides with your desire.
🗝2. Clarity - Be clear! Decide what it is that you want and only focus on that. Do not focus on what you don't want! Usually when people are asked what they want they tend to start the focus with what they don't want. I don't want to live this life of struggle anymore, I do not want to work my 9-5 job anymore. I do not want to be broke anymore. That's how the conversation usually starts.
Being clear is actually speaking what you want when asked. I want to be rich. I want to make 6figures a month. I want to have a 5 bedroom 5 bath house that sits on the lake with plenty of fish in the lake so that I can fish whenever I want.
The universe likes clarity. When your energy is clear you will manifest your desires quicker.
Being clear also dictates how you feel as well. If you can feel the feeling of what it feels like to already have your desire, the universe can not tell the difference between you already having it or not. If you can stay in that positive, happy place it will manifest because you are a vibrational match to it without you having it yet.
🗝3. Visualize it, feel into it, and trust it's going to come- Start to visualize yourself with your desire. i.e see yourself driving the new car down the highway and what it feels like to finally have that car. Are you enjoying the nice breeze because the windows are down or are you dancing and singing to your favorite song playing on the radio as you cruise down the highway.
Do you see yourself having your own business with a super cool grand opening with the parking lot full of people waiting patiently to enter your establishment? Practice visualizing until it's second nature. You can also feel the feeling of having it. Trust that if you are clear, that the universe which loves clarity, that it will come to you.
🗝4. Relax- This is a crucial part for manifesting your desires. Once you set a clear vision of what you want now it's time to RELAX! Allow yourself to build your faith and trust that your desire is on its way. Trust that it's coming because you said so and that you are wired to manifest. Stay in a relaxed and trust that the universe is your "genie in the bottle- your wish is it's command"
🗝5. Know that the universe is your genie in the bottle WITH NO limits - Once you are crystal clear and have worked on any beliefs that have been stopping you from manifesting in the past and you begin to practice daily you will experience the universe becoming your very own "genie in the bottle".
🗝Bonus Stay in your happy place/state as much as you possible! The Manifestions that you desire come from your happy state. Relax in knowing your desire will manifest as long as your energy and desire match.  Remember that the universe loves clarity just like we do. Remember that you can change your beliefs to match your desires. 
Thank you and I hope this information was helpful for you. Make sure you share this with others that may also need a boost in their confidence.
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