What does Love YourSelf mean?


What is love? Love is a feeling that is birthed from within from the very core of your being that penetrates and lives in the heart and holds a place in the mind. Love is also an action it's based more on your actions than your words. Love endures all things, bears all things, Love never fails. Love is caring. Love is beautiful.

Love is compassion. Love is hope. Love is innocent. Love is pure and geniune. Love is trust. Love is happy. Love is joy and bliss. Love is sharing. Love is understanding. Love is patient. Love is giving. Love is passionate. Love is rich in it's own energy because it is the most powerful energy that exist. Love over powers hate. Love is freedom.

Love does not suffocate or hold one hostage. Love does not hurt. Love does not cause shame. Love does not cause pain. Love does not cause confusion or chaos. Love is not judgmental. Love does not criticize.

When you love, you should love full heartedly no less than that. Love at hundred percent. You should allow others to feel love and get to really know the essence of who You really are from a spiritual level, that is a place of pure love. You never want to tell someone you love them if you are not capable of doing so from a pure heart.

Love is not giving someone bits and pieces like giving them the crumbs from a cake when they deserve the whole cake. Love is the over flow of that which you naturally possess for yourself. When you are able to Love from that place, you are able to love from the saucer which holds the cup.

When you are able to love from that place of overflow then it over flows onto the saucer and allows you to give love abundantly and freely. Love is free and doesn't cost a thing to give. No one should make you feel love has a price tag attached or that you have to jump through hoops before they decide if they want to love you. Love is a choice.

Love without attachment is the purest love because it isn't about what others can do for you because it's being pulled from an empty place, but what you can give others because you are already full. Love abundantly from a full healthy place. When you find someone you can be free with sexually, spiritually, emotionally, physically, cosmically, and energically the world becomes your playground and together you are living your best life and fulfilling your destiny, you become a POWER couple...

God blessed me with my soulmate, my love, I have someone special that wants to spend his time with me just as I want to spend my time with him, that wants to rest his head with me at night and wake up with me as I want the same with him. He wants to do special things for me and with me, just to see me smile and I want to do the same for him because I love to see him smile and make him happy.

He loves and looks forward to having date nights with me as I do with him. His life is complete with me as mine is complete with him. He wants to love me to the fullest whole heartedly and I love him right back whole heartedly with no reconstrictions. I am his breath of fresh air as he is my breath of fresh air. I have a resting place on his chest where I rest my head. I listen to the rhythm of his heartbeat which puts me sound asleep with no worries.

I am his home and happy place and he knows he is my safe haven. I have the one that wants me to share his last name and call me his wife and queen. I am his supporter and cheerleader cheering him on through life. He is my rock and my support as we choose to go through the rest of this life together as playmates, passionate lovers, best friends and creators of our destiny.

I have found my king and I can be free with sexually, spiritually, emotionally, physically, cosmically, and energically the world is our playground and together we are living our best life and fulfilling our destiny, we are a POWER couple... I love you!


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