What is Orgasmic Lifestyle?


People often ask what does living an Orgasmic Lifestyle mean?

Orgasmic- the state of absolute enjoyment around all things, it can be something so good that it figuratively puts you in a state of ecstasy as if having an orgasm.

Being Orgasmic or living an Orgasmic Lifestyle not only means reaching a sexual climax but also means allowing it to become a state of being. Totally unrelated to or having anything to do with sex, but is just as pleasurable, fun or important as the act of having sex, like getting a full body massage allowing your body to relax while you take pleasure in it.

Living an orgasmic lifestyle means that you give yourSelf permission to be super sexy & super awesome. It means you also take great pleasure in things you do, foods you eat, people you surround yourSelf with, and even things you find pleasing to the eye.

When you are Orgasmic, life becomes more delicious, exciting, and fun! Even being conscious when giving something as simple as a hug or a nice stretch becomes a part of your orgasmic lifestyle.


Are you ready to start living an Orgasmic Lifestyle? Allowing it to become a way of "being" living a life of pleasure, purpose, and endless manifestations & orgasms? We are still allowed to love lots of orgasms too!

Thank you and I hope you enjoyed!

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