Hello Beautiful Goddess Queen!

I'm Coach Jonesy...

I Am a Goddess Queen that is connected to my feminine, sensual, & sexual energy who will burn hella sage to protect my space & energy. 

I Am the author, director, & creator of my life!

I also consider mySelf a sexual pleasure healer because I Am able to connect with women & help them find their sexual pleasures while connecting to their sensual and sexual energy & use their orgasms to heal with ease.

I Am bringing a different kind of vibe, a vibe that may seem unrealistic to some. But because I Am living it...

I call it living an Orgasmic Lifestyle.

Women are choosing to live an Orgasmic Lifestyle having financial, emotional, and spiritual freedom all from using their own powerful orgasmic energy. 

My work is a powerful infusion of proven strategies, spiritual guidance, and SiStarhood.



A few years back, I found mySelf struggling and needing to rebuild mySelf & my life after ending a very toxic relationship. The relationship was both mentally and physically abusive. It left me with very low self-esteem, lots of anger, and completely broken. I had to fucking detox that nasty toxic fuckboy energy from my sacred goddess space (my pussy)! That's how my e-book "Take Back Control" was birthed.

When I finally said FUCK IT and I made the decision to step into my power and potency as a woman and unleashed the passionate, wild, and multi-orgasmic goddess that I truly am... that's when all the magic began!


I realized that I was on to something. I knew I had to show other women how they could also use this powerful energy and start manifesting their best life.

I never thought I’d be teaching orgasmic manifestation however, here I am. This work is so fulfilling because I’ve witnessed women having their very first orgasms, women making love to their partners in ways they’ve never allowed themselves to before, women manifesting thousands of dollars($$$), and so much more.

Literally, when I'm connected to my orgasmic energy, things show up as if by magic. I no longer have to force things into existence, I just relax and allow things to flow to me.

I manifested my soulmate (he's perfect & even more than I asked for), close to 10K in unexpected money in two months, several paid vacations out of the country, expensive gifts, some very special people, that I consider teachers who are needed on my journey, and countless great opportunities have fallen in my lap. I consider myself a manifesting goddess!

When i'm not coaching or writing, I'm busy manifesting my dream life. I've learned the best way to teach is to lead by example. I also love spending time with my family and friends traveling the world sampling delicious cuisines and fabulous wine tastings.

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