Coach Jonesy

My life wasn't always this intentional or fabulous before I stepped into my purpose. As a matter of fact there has been quite a few detours along the way and times I questioned everything about my life.

The JOURNEY that lead me to this point.

A few years back,

I found mySelf struggling and needing to rebuild mySelf & my life after ending a very toxic relationship. The relationship was both mentally and physically abusive. It left me with very low self-esteem, lots of anger, and completely broken. I had to fucking detox that nasty toxic fuckboy energy from my sacred goddess space (my pussy)! That's how my e-book "Take Back Control" was birthed. When I finally said FUCK IT and I made the decision to step into my power and potency as a woman and unleashed the passionate, wild, and multi-orgasmic goddess that I truly am... that's when all the magic began!


I never thought

I’d be teaching about orgasms, pleasure & intimacy however, here I am. This work is so fulfilling because I’ve witnessed women having their very first orgasms, women making love to their partners in ways they’ve never allowed themselves to before, women manifesting thousands of dollars($$$), and so much more. Literally, when I'm connected to my orgasmic energy, things show up as if by magic. I no longer have to force things into existence, I just relax and allow things to flow to me.

I manifested my soulmate

(he's perfect & even more than I asked for), close to 10K in unexpected money in two months, several paid vacations out of the country, expensive gifts, some very special people, that I consider teachers who are needed on my journey, and countless great opportunities have fallen in my lap. I consider myself a manifesting goddess! When i'm not coaching or writing, I'm busy manifesting my dream life. I've learned the best way to teach is to lead by example. I also love spending time with my family and friends traveling the world sampling delicious cuisines and fabulous wine tastings.

Allow me to introduce my inner Goddess

Goddess Antonia she will show you how to tap into the intimacy & pleasure you have been wanting to experience by channeling your inner goddess to create the ultimate intimacy & pleasure filled life that you deserve.

Orgasmic Freedom Course

My goal for this course is to bring each woman into her OWN sense of freedom & liberation around the taboo subject “SEX.” This sense of freedom & liberation will allow her to be more confident as she becomes the Intimacy and Pleasure that she desires not only in the bedroom but in all areas of her life.

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