Sis, are you ready for a SiStars night in filled with some orgasmic fun, lots of sex talk & learning how to give the best fucking blow job ever? Have him curling his toes & saying your fucking name! Let's Talk dirty to the dick, make love to dick with our mouth, let that dick touch that lil thing in the back of our throat (in my Cardi B voice), become a throat goat! Get your head game Right!

Being a Goddess Queen does not mean that you have to limit yourSelf sexual or orgasmically, shit let your freak out! It just means that you acknowledge who you are in all your sensual & sexual fullness with a lil magick behind it. Let him know that being with you, comes with the magick you serve! Your head game can be just that good! 

This class is offered as a private 1 on 1 setting or a SiStars night in setting so bring your wine and sex goddess with you. Every women has that sex goddess inside but she needs to reintroduce herself. I've added a queen treatment massage package to the class as an option. This is a 15 minute exotic but sensual queen massage experience.

He treats you as the queen you are as he massages your body with a sensual touch that relaxes your body, opening your mind and beautiful body up to experience the beautiful sensual pleasures of touch. Now that's an Orgasmic time for manifesting. I'll teach a lil on that too. Tremont trusted touch is ready to give you the queen treatment, the question is ARE YOU READY? Feel free to check him out at @tremonttrustedtouch_


☆ ☆ The QueenTreatment massage package is ONLY included in a group of 5 or more SiStars.


Details: This is a one hour session for 1 on 1 and  2 hours for group sessions. This allows more time for a group. Includes a workbook, mouth & hand demostrations & Q&A.


☆ If ordering for a group please allow HOST to make the group payment. This will make payment easier & less confusing.

☆ The prices listed are PER person.  

☆ Discounted rates available for hosted parties with 5 or more SiStars.

☆ Contact me for the QueenTreatment package to check availability.

☆ Depending on location cost of travel may be additional charge.

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