21 Day GQ Love Yourself Challenge


In this 21 Day GQ Love YourSelf Challenge the goal is to look back in 21 days & have successfully loved yourSelf even more than you did 21 days ago. Each day adding positive affirmations to think & view yourSelf with more love each day. Love is the name of the game. Are you able to give yourSelf atleast 10 min a day for the next 21 days because that's all the time you will need. Are you committed & ready to jump on the journey of loving yourSelf? You can NEVER radiant too much love. Start the Challenge today!


What's included:
1. Downloadable Workbook - 21 days of affirmations & journaling space.
2. 10 mins Recorded affirmations. These Affirmations are so powerful because they are recorded over frequency sounds -528hz which stimulates love, restores equilibrium, repairs DNA.

This infused energy will bring you into another state of being. Recordings are sent to your email daily over the next 21 days. 


☆ This is not a physical product. Download ONLY.



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21 Day GQ Love Yourself Challenge
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