Sistars Night In - with the Fellatio Head Goddess


🗣Sis, are you ready for a Sistars Night In?

🛑 What is it? A virtual haven filled with orgasmic fun, sex talk & how to give the best fucking blow job ever.🤫

🛑 When? Each & every Wednesday

🛑 What to bring? Your wine, a dildo or cumcumber(organic if possible), open mind, and your sex goddess with you. Printable Workbook will be included with class

I’m talking about: 

🔥have him curling his toes

🔥saying your name

🔥talk dirty to the dick

🔥make love to dick with our mouth

🔥let that dick touch that lil thing in the back of our throat (in my Cardi B voice)

🔥become a throat goat

👉🏾 Sis, get your head game right!

 👉🏾 Let him know that being with you, comes with the magic you serve! That when you leave his soul is coming with you! #soulsnatcher

 👉🏾 YES, your head game can be just that good! Every woman has that sex goddess inside but she needs to reintroduce herself! It’s time, sis!

📝 Please note: You can book 1 on 1 sessions as well as private Sistars night in for you and your sistars. Ladies I've also added a queen treatment massage package to the class as an option. This is a 15 minute exotic but sensual queen massage experience.

👑He treats you as the queen you are as he massages your body with a sensual touch that relaxes your body, opening your body up to experience the beautiful sensual pleasures of touch. Now that's an Orgasmic time for manifesting. I'll teach a lil on that too. Tremont trusted touch is ready to give you the queen treatment, the question is ARE YOU READY? Feel free to check him out at @tremonttrustedtouch_


☆ ☆ The QueenTreatment massage package is ONLY included in a group of 5 or more SiStars.

🛑Details: The virtual classes are listed through eventbrite. This is a hour & half class. Includes a printable workbook, mouth & hand demostrations & Q&A.
👉🏾Private sistars night in classes are 2 hours. This allows more time for a group. Includes a printable workbook, mouth & hand demostrations & Q&A.


☆☆ If ordering for a group please allow HOST to make the  group payment. This will make payment easier & less confusing.

☆☆ The prices listed are PER person.  

☆☆ Incentive for hosting a party of 5 or more SiStars.

☆☆ Contact me for the QueenTreatment package to check availability.

☆☆ Depending on location cost of travel may be additional charge.

☆☆ Click here to check availability & to schedule your sistars night in. 





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